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Jackie and Mark

We’re excited to kickoff our “Proposal Stories” series with the adorable and quite funny story of Jackie and Mark’s wedding proposal! The Proposal Stories series will feature the romantic, fun and sometimes goofy stories around the moments one partner said “will you?” and the other says “Yes!” The moment is so spectacular. It is filled with nerves and joy, sometimes confusions, and always the spectacular reactions. Let’s learn a little more about Jackie and Mark’s big moment!

MPP: What date did your partner propose to you?

JL: December 25, 2006 (a Christmas Proposal)!

MPP: What date were you married?

JL: May 17, 2008

MPP: Tell us all about how Mark proposed? We want all the juicy details!

JL: We fell in love fast. We knew, it, everyone knew it but we also KNEW that we were meant to be together. It hit us out of nowhere like a lightning bolt and we were (and still are) just crazy in love with each other. He had told me that he was going to propose “before the end of the year” and I thought he was going to pull a New Years Eve proposal so when he proposed on Christmas I was blindsided by it.

MPP: How did that day start off?

 It started out like a normal Christmas. I’d made plans to be at his parents’ house in the morning then later that night the two of us were going over to my parents’ house. I’m sitting in his parents’ house and his mom hands me this huge gift bag, so I look inside and there’s a bunch of smaller presents inside all wrapped up. I’m taking them out one by one and unwrapping them and… they’re JUNK. Like, dollar store junk. A bobble-head Santa (which I still have somewhere), a sticky-note notepad. I was raised to be polite when people give you gifts so I was trying to find something good about each thing I opened. “Oh hey a note pad! Awesome, I’m always writing notes to myself. Ooh, pens! 

MPP: Oh wow, great to be polite, but you were probably wondering “were was this going?”

JL: Well, a little while later I saw Mark go into his bedroom looking tense. So I excused myself and followed him. I walked in and asked if everything was ok and he turned towards me with the saddest face and said “It… it didn’t work.” I said “What? What didn’t work?” He said “You were supposed to get mad. You weren’t supposed to LIKE any of it! You were supposed to get mad so that I could do THIS!” I was completely confused and I’m just standing there like ‘huh??” when he drops to one knee and opens a box that I hadn’t noticed. Inside was a custom, one of a kind ring (I will include a picture) and I barely heard him say “Will you marry me?” I didn’t even answer him, I just grabbed his face and started kissing him!

MPP: Oh wow! I guess the kiss was the “Yes!”

I was so confused! I still don’t quite understand the logic of trying to make me mad? All these years later and I still don’t get it and all he’ll say is “It seemed like a good idea at the time”

MPP: What was your favorite moment from his proposal?

JL: The moment I saw the ring and realized what was happening.

MPP: Do you have a photo from the proposal?

JL: Unfortunately we didn’t have a photo from the moment, we do have some photos from our big day! (see below)

MPP: We love your proposal story, and wish you and Mark many years of that same love and happiness you’ve shared with us!

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